Tuesday, February 1

FOTW Top Tip Know your camera backwards

This stunning picture of a free swimming Giant Moray could easily have been a great video sequence had I known my camera backwards. As a swam along trying at the same time to set my camera to video I twice switched it it off. It was made worse as he swam onto the turf of a second Moray who was less than happy to see him.

Friday, January 21

Red Sea Anenomefish doing what they do best

This little chap was preparing to go mask to mask with me to defend his patch of anemone.

Friday, January 14

Your FOTW Fish Photo Editor

In an effort to look slim and sleek in a wet suit here I am posing next to a big lumpy piece of coral.

Picture by FOTW Diver Hilary

The observant of you may be asking where is my camera.

Friday, January 7

FOTW Divers count fish for NG

FOTW Diver Hilary surveys a reef load of small fish on behalf of National Geographic. A re-count was required with the chocolate dips having a small majority.

Saturday, January 1

FOTW Top tips for handling Lionfish

Up close and scary. Spines are poisonous and hurt like hell if you get pranged, so don't. Simply enough even if you normally dive in Stoke.

If you know of a fish who predates on Lion fish tell them in the Caribbean. They are a pest there since they arrived care of a storm damaged aquarium.

Tuesday, December 21

Adolescent Napoleon Wrasse

FOTW National Geographic Diver Hilary Says... "You can tell how mature a Napoleon Wrasse is by the size of the lump on the forehead. I am really please to have seen a number of lump less Napoleon Wrasse this year in Sharm. Although they remain an endangered species they appear to be doing their best to buck the trend"

Thursday, December 9

FOTW and Wikileaks

With the prospect of anonymous cyber louts spamming our servers and depriving our wide web reradership from logging on for their weekly fish fix FOTW editors would like to make it quite clear that we have never had any relations with Wikileaks.
Having said that it does appear that World Leaders having been exposed for the stupid pillocks that they are, are now pretty pissed off. Once its appreciated that in the brave new information rich world indiscretions will out, the world will change.
And before you say it, we at FOTW do not read the Mail!